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Signífik is the ‘go-to’ place to access hard-won, (international) experience in knowledge management.

We help organisations get their head around knowledge and help unlock, preserve, and expand its flow.

Our focus is people, culture, and processes (and much less, technology).

The name ‘Signífik’ is derived from the word ‘significant’. It is a reference to doing, preserving, and nurturing those things that matter. It’s about choice, meaning, and value.

Your challenges

Get in touch if you’re facing any of the following 5 challenges:

  1. “Know-why”. You’ve heard of the term ‘knowledge management’ but aren’t very clear why your organisation should bother.
  2. “Know-what”. You are not sure what is your organisation’s critical knowledge, so that you have no focused strategies in place to preserve, share, and develop it.
  3. “Know-who”. You can only guess who are your organisation’s most knowledgeable employees, so you merely hope that they pass on their expertise before they leave / retire.
  4. “Know-how”. You’re clear on your knowledge-related challenges. However, you get stuck in resolving these swiftly and adequately.
  5. “Know-where”. You have implemented several knowledge management practices, but need an independent review of where you stand as well as ideas on how to proceed.

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