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Signífik is a consultancy firm helping organizations and individuals improve their business performance.

I currently work as a freelance project manager at the Brain Research Center in Amsterdam.

In my work, I draw on a rather unique blend of professional, entrepreneurial, and research skills.

About me

1995 – 2011. Fresh out of university, in 1995, I embarked on what became a 16-year career in a multinational IT corporation.

Keywords: IT consultancy, project & change management, process improvement, business operations, organisational learning, knowledge management, customer-centricity.

2011 – present. I chose the entrepreneurial life in 2011. I still run my own consultancy business today.

Keywords: Project management, innovation, service development, strategy, business operations, process improvement.

2015 – present. Éducation permanente… In 2015 I started working (part-time) on my PhD thesis at VU University, Amsterdam.

Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, research & analytical skills, academic writing.

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– Luc Glasbeek (LinkedIn profile)